FAQ! All the questions you probably have about the New Online Courses.

Enrollment ends in a week on October 24, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions regarding the new Online Courses. Here are the most common ones. If you have any that’s not listed, write it in the comments!

1. Is the course beginner level? Do I need prior experience?

The Online Courses (including all modules) are for anyone at any level. I break down all the moves so that even those with no experience in dancing can learn. But the primary focus of the Online Courses is how to develop/improve your freestyle, so that even experienced dancers will benefit from my unique teaching methodology.

2. What are we going to learn in the first semester?

In the first semester, we’re going to learn Footwork Style for 15 weeks and then Floorwork for 10 Weeks. The goal is to help you achieve greater confidence and skills in freestyling in these “sub-styles” by the end of each module. For more details on the modules, click here. You can also watch the video below.

3. Do I have to take all the modules? Can I wait to enroll in only the module on Lofting-Inspired freestyle, or only the module on Jacking style?

The modules have to be taken in a specific order, as listed on the Course Features page. So for example, before you can take the Lofting-Inspired Freestyle module, you must have completed the Floorwork module which gives you a solid foundation in ground moves (and before you can take Floorwork, you must have completed the Footwork Mastery module). This is because a significant part of the Lofting-Inspired Freestyle module builds off of the Floorwork module. Each of the modules in the Online Courses build off of the previous ones, so learning all of them is essential. Also, it’s required you complete all modules if you’re interested in becoming a teacher of my system.

4. I’m busy and don’t have a lot of time. Do I have to keep up with the rest of the students?

While you will definitely get way more out of doing the homework assignments, and interacting with the rest of your cohort, your decision to watch the videos and do (or not do) the assignments on your own time and at your own pace will not get you kicked out of the Online Courses. The grading/assessments are intended to be for your benefit only (and also the top student of each module gets an “award.”). So if you feel overwhelmed or find the homework unhelpful, please feel free to sit them out and go through the material at your own leisure.

5. Are these classes live or are they pre-recorded?

The classes are all pre-recorded, so anyone from any timezone can take them!

6. Do I get lifetime access to the modules?

Yes. Once you purchase a module, you get lifetime access so you can review them any time and go through them all over again as many times as you want. But your access to the material after will be “view only,” for example you will not be able to submit responses to the homework assignments for feedback.

7. I’m already a student of the Old Online Classes. Do I need to create a new account on this new site?

If you’ve been a student of my Online Classes, email me at [email protected]. I’ll help you through the process of migrating your membership.

8. I already purchased and learned how to freestyle from the original Footwork Mastery Style Course. Is there much of anything else I would get from taking the revised and expanded Footwork Mastery module?

The short answer is “yes, definitely.” If you look carefully, you’ll notice in the video above that there are a lot of new methods and ideas I’m implementing to help you develop your freestyle way further than before. For example, integrated into the new Footwork Mastery module are several weeks focused completely on musicality and styling interspersed throughout the module to help exercise your creative mind within your freestyle. I’ve also revised some of the “kits” of the old FMSC and added new transitions that flow better.

Also, please note that I’m offering more than 50% off on at least the first month of the New Online Courses to all returning students so they can get a firsthand glimpse of the revisions and expansion, and determine for themselves if it would be beneficial to continue on in the new module. Please contact me at [email protected] to retrieve a coupon and to find out if you’re eligible for a discount on more than just the first month!

9. Can I pay for the whole year upfront? 

Yes, but it will cost the same as if you paid month-to-month.

10. What happens if I enroll but drop out before the semester is over? Can I rejoin any time?

Anybody can drop out any time, but rejoining will be a lot trickier because enrollment opens only twice a year and your cohort will be moving through the semester together. For example, let’s say you enroll and drop out after the first month, you would have to wait until the next semester to rejoin. But because you get lifetime access to the one month worth of material that you paid for, we can hold a month after the start of the semester to charge your account again. In any case, you would need to discuss your situation with me so we can figure out a solution.


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    November 4, 2018

    How can we pay here for the online course from India ?

  2. User Avatar
    November 4, 2018

    I take credit/debit cards as well as PayPal. Unfortunately, class has already started, so enrollment won’t be open for another 6 months. Sign up to my mailing list if you haven’t already to stay informed of the next enrollment period!

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