Justin Parsino

It really is a soul dance that makes you feel alive

Justin Parsino
(Tampa, Florida)


You are not going to find another video like this!  I own a ton of dance instructional DVDs and this is definitely at the top of my favorites list.  It is a lot of fun and I really believe that it gives people with no experience whatsoever all the way up to advanced dancers the tools that they need for becoming freestyle house dancers.  Basically what Jardy does is teach a few simple base moves and then gives a whole bunch of optional transitional moves.  Transitional moves are what you do in between moves to connect the two moves together; which ultimately makes the dance look cool and smooth.  Now here is the thing that is so awesome about this video…..let’s be honest learning a bunch of transitions sounds pretty time consuming and even a little boring right?

But with just a few simple moves and Jardy’s unique transitions you can make a really cool, fun and dynamic dance out of it,

not to mention you are learning transitions, which are essential to becoming a freestyle dancer!!  It is so cool to go back to Jardy’s basic house moves playlist and have a light bulb pop on in your head that says that you can switch from one move to another using one of the transitions you just learned from this video.What else is cool about this video is just like in his YouTube tutorials Jardy breaks moves down into really simple and easy to understand terms.  I have to be honest after seeing some of this guy’s sick freestyles I was slightly nervous to try and talk about dance with him, not to mention send him a video of myself dancing (I am very new to house dance and even dance in general).  But

he really makes an effort to understand common problems people have and figures out ways to explain things in simple terms people can actually understand.  This is truly a unique must have video.

I remember as a kid back in the late 80’s or maybe early 90’s going on that big golf ball ride at Disney World.  It is basically a movie ride that talks about the history of technology.  At the end of the ride they had a section that talked about what the future would like.  They showed a kid in America talking to a kid in china on his computer.  Basically they were talking about the internet.  I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  Then my adult life I developed an interest in foreign languages.  I studied abroad in Spain and really wanted to go to China and learn Chinese but couldn’t really afford it.  So I started taking Chinese classes online via Skype.  It was so cool because I was basically doing what I saw in the Disney world ride.  I don’t want to get too emotional but it was kind of a magical experience for me.  Haha.  Actually this has been a really cool experience for me also.  I wanted so bad to find a house dance class in my area but couldn’t.  Being able to learn from the guy who introduced this style to me definitely eases my pain.  Haha.  Another cool thing about online study is there is no commute time and it is flexible.

Let’s be honest it is hard to make friends in adulthood.  

One of the best ways to connect with others is through a passion.  When you meet someone who loves dance like you do you definitely instantly connect with them. What I really love about house dance also is how free in nature it is.  

I mean yes there are some basic foundational concepts but it really is a soul dance that makes you feel alive to do.  Also I feel like most people in house dance are very open minded and positive people.  Let’s be honest in a lot of other dance styles if you go on YouTube you will see tons of negative comments and criticism that people are not doing the moves properly and such. 


Even with the experience that I have with this dance, I have still learned a lot.

Ozzy Dris
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)


So I spent all day Sunday looking over the course and studying them as well I can tell you that I am amazed at how you put everything together. Everything is clear and makes perfect sense. Even with the experience that I have with the dance, I have still learned a lot. The course actually makes me the urge to where I want to learn more.

The nice thing about taking classes online is that you can literally stay where you are haha meaning that you can be at the comfort of your own home or anywhere you choose. Going into the class, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be able to pick a lot of stuff up due to you not being there but you put everything together so well and made everything to clear that it wasn’t an issue at all and it was more than ever a fun experience.

Dance is such a universal language that it can first be something overwhelming to take in because of how big the community is and even the communities within the culture. But the fact that you can be apart of something so big because of a simple interest in dance is huge and nothing but love. Another cool thing about being part of such a community, is the fact that where ever you go, there is somebody there to relate to and that can be anywhere in the world. What I love about the house dance community, is that everyone shares a common ground. Probably about 90% of all the house dancers that I have met has had a bboy or bgirl background and most still do break but its house that gives us that feel to come together without wanting to strangle each other haha..

Taylor Pearon

Vulnerability, Creativity, and Adaptability

Taylor Pearson
(Chicago, Illinois)


I bought Jardy’s online footwork style course because I was living in an area where I didn’t have access to any footwork style classes in person. I had experience in other styles of dance but my interest in footwork had pique and I was seeking out resources. I am busy – as are so many people – and didn’t have a ton of extra time on top of my work and other training to scour all of the resources out there for quality content. It was lucky for me that not too long into my search, I came across Jardy’s work. It was exactly what I was looking for – a cohesive, beginner-friendly trajectory to start from the ground up in this style. Having been a student in many different capacities, I have experienced a number of teaching styles and find myself selective in what I want to invest into. For that reason, I am always initially cautious in investing my time or money into programming, especially online. However,

Jardy proved quickly to be a skilled and considerate teacher. Often, once someone reaches a certain skill level, it becomes challenging for them to relate to the beginner mindset and create relevant progressions. Jardy has managed to do that while developing a level of skill that inspires many globally.

Even with the limited time I’ve had to dive into the program, I found the progressions to build upon themselves in such a digestible way that I was able to start from scratch and learn the basic steps to feel comfortable having some moves in my pocket on the dance floor when I go out to dance. Because I do other movement, I also have them to incorporate into my general movement practice. One of the biggest benefits of me doing Jardy’s program is the coordination and rhythm that come from it. Having come from a more athletic background, I have engaged in a lot of physical pursuits, but dance is in a class of its own – and one that athletes find intimidating to enter into. It requires more

vulnerability, creativity, and adaptability. These are all benefits that I think taking Jardy’s course would give anyone, whether they have dance experience or no movement background whatsoever

– I feel this benefits all levels. I would definitely – and already do – recommend Jardy’s work to people all of the time! Thanks Jardy, for being rad.

Aaron Ng

Be careful. This is not just a dance. It could change your life.

Aaron Ng
(San Jose, California)


When I first met Jardy, I was single and didn’t dance. My idea of moving my body was going from point A to point B and my idea of clubbing was hiding behind a drink, holding up a wall or getting drunk. But one day I decided to do something about it. With a friend, I tried popping, locking, hip hop, breaking, salsa and even f*cking line dancing. Nothing felt right. One day, I don’t remember how, we stumbled into Jardy’s class at Dance Attack Los Gatos.

I didn’t know House had a dance. I fell in love with it and I was hooked. You know, like the Mr Fingers song, “CAN YOU FEEL ITTTTT?” Of all the dance teachers I’ve had, Jardy’s the best. If you follow his YouTube tutorials, you know it too. What I didn’t expect was,

House dance opened me to a world of adventures I never knew existed…

like the underground House scene, secret clubs, great people, and the vibe. That’s the first thing I noticed. When you step into a House club, you feel it’s more than just music. The energy is contagious. Everyone’s there for the love of dance, no one cares what shape or color you are, no one wears high heels and no one spills their drink on you.

I don’t know why but House seems to attract beautiful people. One of these people I met was a girl. Have you tried talking to someone at a club? It doesn’t work. But she loved House and she loved dancing too, so we had lots of fun before we even had our first conversation. If I hadn’t learned this “language” from Jardy, I would have been lost, like a stranger in a foreign country. I would also probably have been at a typical club instead of a House club. I wouldn’t have met her, and she wouldn’t have noticed me. And we wouldn’t be together today with our two goofy kids who love to shake their booty too.

I guess I never told you this Jardy, but yeah, when my kids grow up and ask me how did you meet mom, I’ll say Uncle Jardy taught daddy how to dance.

It sounds unreal when I think about it. But it’s true. So you should tell your students to be careful. This is not just a dance. It could change your life.