Aaron Ng

Be careful. This is not just a dance. It could change your life.

Aaron Ng
(San Jose, California)


When I first met Jardy, I was single and didn’t dance. My idea of moving my body was going from point A to point B and my idea of clubbing was hiding behind a drink, holding up a wall or getting drunk. But one day I decided to do something about it. With a friend, I tried popping, locking, hip hop, breaking, salsa and even f*cking line dancing. Nothing felt right. One day, I don’t remember how, we stumbled into Jardy’s class at Dance Attack Los Gatos.

I didn’t know House had a dance. I fell in love with it and I was hooked. You know, like the Mr Fingers song, “CAN YOU FEEL ITTTTT?” Of all the dance teachers I’ve had, Jardy’s the best. If you follow his YouTube tutorials, you know it too. What I didn’t expect was,

House dance opened me to a world of adventures I never knew existed…

like the underground House scene, secret clubs, great people, and the vibe. That’s the first thing I noticed. When you step into a House club, you feel it’s more than just music. The energy is contagious. Everyone’s there for the love of dance, no one cares what shape or color you are, no one wears high heels and no one spills their drink on you.

I don’t know why but House seems to attract beautiful people. One of these people I met was a girl. Have you tried talking to someone at a club? It doesn’t work. But she loved House and she loved dancing too, so we had lots of fun before we even had our first conversation. If I hadn’t learned this “language” from Jardy, I would have been lost, like a stranger in a foreign country. I would also probably have been at a typical club instead of a House club. I wouldn’t have met her, and she wouldn’t have noticed me. And we wouldn’t be together today with our two goofy kids who love to shake their booty too.

I guess I never told you this Jardy, but yeah, when my kids grow up and ask me how did you meet mom, I’ll say Uncle Jardy taught daddy how to dance.

It sounds unreal when I think about it. But it’s true. So you should tell your students to be careful. This is not just a dance. It could change your life.