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[Documentary] 1992 Wreckin Shop: Live From Brooklyn

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For many of us older dancers, this was the bible to refer to back in the day - insight and history into the elders of the Hiphop and House dance. Many are still alive and still teaching to this day globally - if you can learn from these guys, I highly recommend it. 


Just like the movie "Flash Dance" is so important for the history of bboying culure, this clip is extremely important when we talk about hip hop dance culutre. This clip you see here is actually edited sequence of several excerpts from a documentary "Wreckin Shop from Brooklyn". This documentary was aired in PBS in 1992. Directed by music video director, Dian Martel, this documentary captured the vibe of golden age of hip hop era -early 90s. It features hip hop and house dancers in New York such as Mop Top Crew (Buddha Stretch, Peter Paul, Caleaf, Henry Link, E-Joe) and Misfitss (Rubberband, Marquest, Kito, Peek A Boo, Prancer). As many people consider this era as golden age of hip hop dancing, I recall music videos in this era featured lot of real hip hop dancers unlike today's music video where you see the mixture of jazz and hip hop. One interesting dancer in this video is Kito from Misfitss. He has his unique rhythm in dancing though it may hard to see that in this video. But I saw him dancing in other video and he was different in a sense that he seems to dance off beat purposefully but still look fresh. The best scene comes at the end of the documentary which is the battle at club.

In this clip, it starts around 7:20.
Dancers appeared in this video are:

00:35 Kito
00:41 Marquest, Prancer
01:47 Buddha Stretch, Link, Loose Joint
03:42 E-Joe, Tony?
03:57 Caleaf, Ramier (Caleaf's Brother)
04:51 Rubber Band, Prancer, Kito, Marquest
6:23 Kito
7:03 Marquest
7:25 Loose Joint
7:30 Caleaf
7:33 Loose Joint
7:43 Peek a boo
7:49 Peter paul
8:00 Stretch
8:15 Rubber band
8:23 Kito
8:27 Peek A Boo
8:36 Peter paul
8:47 Kito
8:51 Marquest
9:01 Rubber Band
9:10 Marquest
9:14 Ramier
9:19 Marquest

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