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How were you introduced to House Dance?  

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My first exposure to House Dance was from my older cousins. They lived in the Bay Area, and at the time rave fashion was popular. They would dress in a style known to me as "Housers", and the style they danced I realized later was House Dance. The second exposure to me was from the game Bust-A-Groove, one of the characters named Gas-O was a House Dancer.

The third exposure to House Dance was when I started going to raves in the late 90s. A style I used to see alot in the Central Valley was Rebel Step, which was an offshoot style of House Dance mixed with Wacking/Vogueing I beleive. With the popularity of the internet, I started seeing videos such as these on various dance websites.

A few years later I came across Jardy's tutorials, and tried to self learn but never really got anywhere. With these online courses that I enrolled in, Ive improved leaps and bounds than what I did trying to learn on my own!