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Best shoes for House Dance thread

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Aloha fam, this thread will catalog the best recommended shoes for House Dance.

Sensei Jardy has made a few videos discussing this very topic, you can watch the most recent one here.


Also here's a great thread covering this topic on Sensei's personal fb page.

Also I've been dancing in the Fuego Dance Shoes for awhile and here's my review on them here.

If you want to order a pair, use my code "SUPERKLEEN" to get 10 percent off your order!


Personally I prefer the low fly knits as they are light and soft, and the Fuego for doing more spins and slides!

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Reebok classics were super comfortable and light. I hammered mine till they started falling apart. 
Puma Suedes are tough but I've found them to be consistently durable over the years. 
I've got a couple of pairs that I cycle through.

Air Max 90s are high and light as a secondary, but go a size up as they run small.


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